Feeling Dull? IV Fusion Can Give Your Body (and Mind) a Boost

An infusion of wellness

During an IV therapy treatment, a member of our specially trained staff inserts into your arm a thin needle connected to a slender tube. After the IV tube (catheter) is positioned, you sit back and relax for 30 to 45 minutes while energizing fluids enter your body via your bloodstream.

In addition to hydration, the fluid infused into your blood provides nutrients that support your mind and your body. Nutrient IV therapy gives you a full range of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

A menu of IV options

You can choose from several different IV mixtures designed to optimize for different outcomes. For example, The Executive is created to fight stress, aid in the recovery from jet lag, and enhance focus. The Fountain of Youth contains an elixir of nutrients aimed at promoting a healthy heart, brain, nails, skin, and hair.

Other options are designed to boost your immune system, rejuvenate you after drinking too much alcohol, and rev you up for intense physical activity.

Pure energy

Our IV fusions contain natural nutrients with no unsafe toxins and no dangerous pharmaceuticals. Most people who treat themselves to IV fusion love the way it makes them feel. Some report improved energy and sense of wellness almost immediately.

IV therapy is not recommended for people with certain pre-existing health conditions, such as some kidney conditions or ailments that lead to fluid retention. But most people can receive IV fusion safely. 

After your IV fusion, you can go right back to your daily activities, knowing that you’ve given yourself a helpful boost of wellness.

Rejuvenate yourself

At LH Spa & Rejuvenation, we offer a range of IV therapy options to help you feel greater energy, clarity, and focus. Call one of our offices or use the online booking feature to set up your appointment today. Are you feeling less energetic than you’d like, or do you wish you had greater mental clarity? Have you been struggling to get the vitamins and minerals you need? Would you like an energizing boost that improves your mood and sense of well-being?

If so, an intravenous (IV) fusion could be just what you need. IV fusion therapy delivers vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fluid directly into your bloodstream. This safe, effective treatment can give you the boost your mind and body have been craving.

Here at LH Spa & Rejuvenation, we provide clients in and around Livingston and Madison, New Jersey, with a menu of IV therapy treatments that refresh and energize. Read on to learn more about this exciting treatment.

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