IV Fusion Myers Cocktail: Recovery Made Simple

IV Fusion Myers Cocktail: Recovery Made Simple

You know that your body requires a lot to function at its best. You need to be getting protein and fiber, along with healthy fats and complex carbs. You also need a wide range of vitamins and minerals, plus plenty of water.

All told, it’s not surprising that a lot of people walk around with one deficiency or another. The problem? That can make recovering — whether from an illness, a hard workout, or a night out — particularly challenging for your body.

That doesn’t mean you have to suffer through, though. Here at LH Spa & Rejuvenation in Livingston and Madison, New Jersey, Robert M. Olson, MD and our team have a way to support and speed your recovery. With intravenous (IV) fusion of a Myers cocktail, we can help your body get what it needs — and fast. 

Myers cocktail 101

The Myers cocktail is a specialized blend of vitamins and minerals, delivered directly into your bloodstream via IV. At the same time, this IV fusion treatment helps to hydrate you quickly. Since hydration plays a key role in your body’s recovery processes, this makes a big difference.

Specifically, the blend includes:

People have been using the Myers cocktail to feel better fast since the 1970s. When we mix the above vitamins and minerals with sterile water and administer it via IV, it goes right where your body needs it. When you take vitamins or minerals orally, by contrast, your digestive processes limit how much your system can absorb. 

In other words, if you’re looking for a way to give your body the resources it needs to support your recovery, this delivers. As a result, people often use it for:

Does it sound like a fit for your wellness goals? You should know what to expect with this treatment.

Getting IV fusion with Myers cocktail

The actual process of administering your IV fusion usually takes 30-45 minutes. You can relax during treatment. Some patients even bring headphones so they can listen to music or a podcast while they get their Myers cocktail. 

The needle we use for this treatment is smaller than what’s used in children’s hospitals. You may feel a pinching sensation as we place it, but you shouldn’t experience anything overly painful during treatment. 

Side effects during and after Myers cocktail treatment are rare and when they do occur, they’re minimal. Some people experience a cooling sensation in their arms as they get the IV, for example. 

You don’t need to worry about any downtime. You can continue on with your day right after treatment — and you’ll likely feel energized and refreshed as you do. 

If you want to support your recovery, don’t hesitate to schedule your own IV fusion with a Myers cocktail. To get started, call LH Spa & Rejuvenation at either of our offices in Livingston or Madison, New Jersey.

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