Nonsurgical Lumecca Improves These 4 Skin Problems

Nonsurgical Lumecca Improves These 4 Skin Problems

Not so very long ago, your options for cosmetic improvement were fairly limited. It was essentially facial, facelift, or bust. But as technology advances, you have more and more options for improving your complexion.

Take intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy as an example. This photofacial gives aesthetics specialists a way to use light energy to address a wide range of skin problems. 

In fact, that’s why Robert M. Olson, MD and our team offer Lumecca™ IPL treatment here at LH Spa & Rejuvenation in Livingston and Madison, New Jersey. With this nonsurgical treatment, we can help you minimize the appearance of several different issues that might be making your skin look less than its best.

Here are four specific ways we can use Lumecca to improve skin problems. 

#1: Dark spots

Here at LH Spa & Rejuvenation, Dr. Olson and our team can use Lumecca to address dark spots marring your complexion, like:

This treatment works by sending light energy into the pigment creating your dark spot, helping to break it up. Then, over time, your body can replace the treated skin cells with healthy, new ones. This lightens — and can even fully eliminate — any dark spots bothering you. 

#2: Birthmarks

If you live with an unwanted birthmark, you’ll be glad to know that IPL treatment can help. With this targeted, nonsurgical treatment, we can address the swollen blood vessels creating a variety of birthmarks, from port wine stains to vascular lesions. 

#3: Visible veins

Similarly, we can use Lumecca IPL therapy to address visible veins wherever they’re bothering you. If you have spider veins on your face, this treatment gives you a way to safely close the visible veins using the heat from the photofacial. Your body redirects blood flow through other veins. 

Then, as blood stops moving through your spider veins, they fade from view. 

#4: Rosacea

We can also use Lumecca to improve the inflammation and redness that comes with rosacea. 

What to expect with Lumecca

Many people see a notable improvement in their skin tone with just one Lumecca treatment. That said, to achieve your desired outcome — like fully eliminated dark spots or veins — you may need up to three treatments with this powerful IPL therapy.

Fortunately, each treatment is comfortable and comes with minimal downtime. You might feel a warming sensation as the IPL goes to work. Afterward, you should protect your face from the sun for a few days. You might have some redness right after, but it should dissipate within a few hours. 

In the weeks that follow your Lumecca appointment, you’ll notice the IPL going to work. Dark spots might even flake off your skin as your body pushes out the treatment pigment. 

To learn more about what to expect and to find out if nonsurgical Lumecca is right for you, call the LH Spa & Rejuvenation office nearest you. 

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