Revive Tired Winter Skin With our Diamond Facial

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Diamonds are, of course, a girl’s best friend, and as well as for stunning jewelry showpieces, the gems can contribute to that special sparkle that comes from a superior spa facial. Not to be confused with a diamond dermabrasion – a heavy-duty exfoliation procedure – the diamond facial offers many of the benefits of more extensive cosmetic procedures but without downtime or recovery.

As offered at both locations of LH Spa & Rejuvenation, the diamond facial is a dermal infusion that targets your specific skin conditions to provide a fresh and refreshing update to the appearance of your face.

How the diamond facial treatment works

Using specially-designed tools tipped with precious gems, the diamond facial is a three-step process that gently exfoliates old skin cells while stimulating new tissue growth and battling free radicals, a cause of premature aging of your skin.

The process starts with a thorough skin cleanse and application of the clinical-grade dermalinfusion best suited for your skin and complexion. The gentle scrub, by way of the diamond-tipped tool, loosens dead surface skin cells and environmental contaminants on your face.

These are vacuumed away, leaving you clean and fresh-faced. Finally, finishing creams, again chosen for your complexion, complete your treatment, adding nutrients and moisturizers that both regenerate and protect.

The benefits of the diamond facial

Gentle exfoliation

The abrasive properties of the diamond facial tool provide a thorough and long-lasting exfoliation treatment without the secondary skin damage of more extensive dermabrasion techniques. This prepares your skin to thoroughly absorb the benefits offered through the finishing creams, and beyond, with the creams and moisturizers you use at home after treatment.  

Targets many skin flaws

A diamond facial can address a wide range of common skin issues, including whiteheads, blackheads, dry skin, and minor discoloration issues. The appearance of large pores is reduced, as are fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and its scars.

Improves skin tightness

Skin loses elasticity and support tissue as you get older. There’s no avoiding it; however, the diamond facial goes beyond simple spa treatments and stimulates new tissue development. Not only does new surface skin develop, you’ll see improved support and moisturizing as collagen renewal begins below the surface layer.

Aids skin hydration

Loss of moisture is a major contributor to skin deterioration, whether through the aging process or from exposure to the elements. Sun, wind, and extreme temperatures can all take their toll, adding up to thirsty, dry skin. Not only do the diamond facial dermal infusions moisturize, the deep cleaning process unclogs your pores, allowing your skin’s natural defenses to reach peak efficiency.

Reduces skin breakouts

Exfoliation, deep cleaning, and new tissue growth each address factors that often lead to pimples, acne, and other skin breakouts. The diamond facial assists your home care routine to combat the causes of breakouts, leaving you with clear, blemish-free skin.

Improved circulation

Along with all the other benefits, the activity of the diamond-tipped tool stimulates blood flow to your face. This brings fresh nutrients to your cells, and in increased quantities, providing the resources necessary for your body’s natural regeneration procedures. Your system gets a kick-start that provides benefits long after your facial is complete.

The aesthetic specialists at LH Spa & Rejuvenation are happy to offer you all the benefits of the diamond facial. You can book an appointment using the handy online tool or call the location nearest to you. Start the new year with a fresh face.

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