Start Surgery-Free SculpSure Treatment Now and Reach Your Body Goals by Spring

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Right now in the depths of winter, it might feel like spring is a long way off. But take a look at the calendar: Officially, the season of renewal is just a few short weeks away. And that means if you want to tone up your body by the time swimsuit season rolls around, now is the time to take action.

At LH Spa & Rejuvenation, we help patients get rid of stubborn, diet-resistant fat with state-of-the-art SculpSure treatments that rely on focused laser energy to break down fat cells and melt them away. With SculpSure, you can target multiple areas of your body so you look great and feel more confident when warmer weather hits.

How SculpSure works

The SculpSure system relies on a technique called laser lipolysis, which is a technical term for using laser energy to destroy fat cells. During a SculpSure treatment, laser energy penetrates deep below the skin surface to the layers of tissue where fat cells are found. The wavelengths used in SculpSure treatments are attracted to fat cells, and when they reach the target zone, it’s those cells that absorb the heat energy while the surrounding cells and tissues stay safe and unharmed.

As the fat cells absorb the laser energy, the cell walls weaken and eventually break down, literally melting away fat. The remaining cellular debris is carted off by your body’s lymphatic system over a period of several weeks, leaving behind slimmer, sleeker, more toned contours. At the same time as it’s melting away fat, the laser energy gently tightens the overlying skin to prevent sagging that can occur once the underlying fat is destroyed. Special cooling technology keeps your skin from overheating so you stay comfortable throughout your session.

Your SculpSure treatment: What to expect

Most SculpSure treatment sessions take about a half hour to complete, which makes it easy to schedule a treatment, even if your schedule is really busy. During your session, you’ll recline and relax while the SculpSure device works to melt away fat in the target zone. The device applicators are placed on your skin over the treatment area. As the laser energy is released, you’ll feel alternating pulses of warmth and cooling which many people say is similar to a deep massage. At the end of your treatment, you’ll be free to go right back to your regular activities without any downtime. There might be some minor redness or mild tenderness in the area, but both those issues will resolve very quickly. Results will begin to become visible in a few weeks, with maximum results at about eight to 12 weeks after your body has removed all the fatty debris.

SculpSure destroys your fat cells, so you won’t have to worry about those cells ever coming back. You can, however, still gain weight in other areas, so you’ll want to follow a healthy diet and engage in regular exercise to stay sleek and slim. Depending on the amount of fat you’d like to have removed, you might benefit from a second treatment after your initial results are established.

Sculpsure vs. liposuction

The biggest difference between SculpSure and liposuction: SculpSure is a body sculpting treatment, and it’s not intended to remove large amounts of fat. That’s why SculpSure is recommended for people who are at or near their ideal body weight. If you fit that description, SculpSure could be an ideal choice to help you get rid of those last stubborn areas for a more toned, tighter body.

The second major benefit of SculpSure: It’s not a surgical procedure. That means there are no incisions, no anesthesia, no scarring, and no risk of infection. Plus, there’s no downtime after your treatment, and unlike liposuction that causes a lot of tissue damage, bleeding, swelling, and bruising, SculpSure treatments typically only involve some mild redness or tenderness in the target area, and both of those issues resolve soon after your session.

Is your body ready for spring?

Scheduling SculpSure treatment at LH Spa & Rejuvenation now means your body will have the time it needs to metabolize fatty debris so your tighter, slimmer body is ready for spring. To find out more about SculpSure or to schedule a treatment, book an appointment online today.

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