What Makes the HydraFacial Different?

Getting a HydraFacial® isn't like other facial cleansing procedures, which can be rough and leave your skin reddened or abraded. The advanced HydraFacial process uses the power of water to gently cleanse, refresh, and rejuvenate your face. 

With the procedure's unique hydrodermabrasion technique, your face benefits from a stimulating cleansing experience with no risk of abrasion. The procedure takes three steps and about 30 minutes, and could leave you enjoying the best skin of your life! 

The power of water

The HydraFacial uses the power of water to deeply cleanse and resurface your skin. Using the patented Vortex-Fusion technology, a unique pen-shaped device, a HydraFacial treatment painlessly dissolves your excess skin oil and deep-cleans your pores to remove blockages, dirt, and bacteria. The HydraFacial helps with issues including:

Your results can last for months after your 30-minute HydraFacial treatment.

Multiple steps to perfect skin

While the HydraFacial procedure deep-cleans your skin, at the same time the combination vortex-fusion action delivers hydrating serum. The procedure moisturizes your skin at all levels, from the surface to the deeper layers. We can customize the nutrient makeup used during the procedure to completely accommodate your unique skin care needs.

When you come in for your HydraFacial, we start by cleansing your skin of oils, dirt, and other impurities. We also gently exfoliate your face, loosening dead skin cells to leave your facial surface revitalized and refreshed. Then, using the Vortex-Fusion system, we use gentle suction technology to remove all of the loosened skin, oils, and impurities.

Finally, with your pores unclogged and opened as a result of the earlier steps, we use the system's fusion technology to deliver specially-formulated hydrating serum to the deepest layers of your skin. 

Depending on your unique skin care needs, we can add elements to nourish and protect your skin, to prevent further breakouts, or to reduce age-related issues like fine lines and wrinkles. No matter your skin care needs, a targeted HydraFacial will leave you looking your best!

To get started transforming your face with a HydraFacial, contact LH Spa & Rejuvenation today. With tailored treatments and repeated appointments as needed, our experienced care team offers the gentle, effective HydraFacial process from offices conveniently located in both Madison and Livingston, New Jersey. 

With a HydraFacial, we can address any skin care concerns you may have, considering the best formulations for your unique treatment needs. To make your appointment, call our office, or use the online booking tool. 

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