Why It Is Best to Start Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before Summer Hits

The Jersey Shore isn’t just famous because of the TV show named for it. It’s also a great place to spend summer weekends, with beautiful white sand beaches, plenty of sun and boardwalks to keep you entertained. Of course, when you visit the shore, bathing suits and shorts are the fashion of choice. And to feel really confident while you’re lying on the beach, splashing in the waves or strolling the boards, you want your skin to look as smooth, sleek and sexy as possible. Yes, you can devote hours of your summer days to shaving, plucking and painful waxing. Or, you could schedule laser hair treatments now and enjoy smoother skin without those hassles.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal uses focused laser energy to damage or destroy the base of the hair follicle where new hair cells are “made.” Even though it may seem as if your hair is growing from the longer ends that extend from your skin, the actual growth takes place at the base of the hair, inside the follicle. Special cells at the root of the hair divide, pushing the hair out of the follicle and lengthening the hair shaft. By damaging the part of the follicle that supports new hair cell growth, the hair in that follicle will no longer grow.

At LH Spa & Rejuvenation, we use the CynoSure® Elite+™ laser hair removal system, a state-of-the-art system designed to provide maximum benefits. During your treatment session, the Elite handheld device is moved over your skin while it emits tiny bursts of potent laser energy. The energy is absorbed by the hair shaft, which carries the heat to the base of the follicle, damaging those hair-producing cells. Because heat is better absorbed by darker pigments, laser hair removal works best on people with fair skin and dark hair. But thanks to the Elite’s special technology, it can also be used successfully on people with other hair and skin tones.

As the last bit of energy is absorbed by the hair shaft, you’ll feel a slight “snapping” sensation, much like the snapping of a rubber band against your skin. Most people tolerate laser hair removal with no issues, but if your skin is very sensitive, it can be numbed with a topical anesthetic or ice prior to treatment.

Why it makes sense to schedule treatments now

Your hair grows in three distinct stages: an active growth stage when the follicles are actively producing new hair cells, which lasts several years; a resting stage that lasts a few weeks; and a shedding stage during which the old hair falls out and the follicle prepares for new growth. Of course, not all of your hair is in the same stage at any given time. (Otherwise, you would be bald every time your follicles entered the shedding stage.) To be effective, laser hair removal treatments need to be performed while the hair is in the active growth phase. This is when the laser heat energy is able to damage the root cells to help prevent future hair growth.

Since the resting phase can last a few weeks, you’ll need to schedule a series of hair removal sessions to make sure you treat all the hair while it’s in an active phase. In between sessions, your hair will come in finer and finer until finally most follicles stop producing new hair cells altogether. Because it can take several weeks for all your hair to enter its active phase, scheduling your laser hair removal sessions now means your skin will be smoother and sexier just in time for summer.

Another reason to start now: Prior to your treatments, you’ll need to avoid plucking and waxing and let your hair grow in. Since the cool weather of winter and spring is a time for wearing sweaters and other “cover-up” clothing, it’s easy to camouflage that excess hair growth. During shorts and bathing suit season, it’s a lot more difficult. Plus, it’s easier to avoid prolonged sun exposure, which can wind up irritating your skin following your sessions.

Get started on your laser hair removal treatments today

It may be cold out now, but summer will be here before you know it. Scheduling laser hair removal at LH Spa & Rejuvenation now can ensure you’ll be ready to hit the beaches when the summer weather arrives. To get started on your treatment, book an appointment online today.

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