Why Microblading is So Popular

We’ve been seeing an uptick in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures, and microblading is one of the most popular of these treatments. But you’re probably wondering why everyone from Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne to your friends from spin class swears by this amazing new treatment. 

At LH Spa & Rejuvenation, owner Suzette Zuena and her team are here to answer all of your questions about microblading. Discover why it’s such a hot treatment, and find out if it could work for you! 

Microblading saves in the long run 

Are you one of the average American women who endures between 10-30 minutes or more each day applying makeup and skin care solutions? Women also spend, according to industry surveys, $300,000 on makeup and skincare in their lifetimes. 

That’s a mortgage! And with the new trend in bold brows, a lot of that time and money is probably going into your eyebrows. With microblading, the results last up to three years, so you’re actually spending less money in the long run. 

It’s super convenient

Microblading is the process of applying semi-permanent tattoos to your brow lines in strokes that mimic individual hairs. The device that we use is a simple, lightweight, hand-held tool. Treatment takes only a couple of hours to complete, and you’ll notice the results immediately. And, while you may want touch ups, depending on your preferences, the initial treatment itself is semi-permanent, lasting for years.  

With spectacular results

Check out our gallery! Whether you want bolder brows or you have no brow hair and need to start completely from scratch, the results with microblading are spectacular. Because microblading is applied in individual strokes, we can give your brows a precise shape and intensity. So you can have them exactly as you please. 

And it’s so much better than tattooing

As opposed to having your eyebrows permanently tattooed on, microblading only influences the surface layers of your skin and doesn’t cut pigment into the deeper layers. So, the pigment strokes from microblading are much more natural-looking. And instead of a block of pigment that’s common with tattooing, microblading provides you with stylized brush strokes that look like your natural eyebrow hairs.    

Is microblading for me?

We have a secret for you. Microblading...it’s literally for everyone! You might just want thicker, darker, or more stylized brows without the daily hassle of makeup. Well, guess what? Microblading can do all of that for you, and it has a much more organic look than makeup can achieve. Or, you might be experiencing brow thinning or complete brow disappearance as a result of alopecia or aging. And microblading, as you can see, can absolutely help you!  

You can attain the perfect brows today! Call us or make an appointment right on our website.  

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