Why Winter Is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

Why Winter Is the Best Time to Start Laser Hair Removal

As you get ready to start laser hair removal, you likely have a lot of questions. This relatively new way to get rid of unwanted hair — for good — requires not just an experienced laser technician, but also some specific things from you.

Fortunately, doing what you need to do to get the best results from your laser hair removal gets easier in the winter. In fact, that’s why Robert M. Olson, MD and our team at LH Spa & Rejuvenation often recommend that people start their laser appointments as the weather cools.

Why? To find out, it’s helpful to understand how this process works to get rid of unwanted hair.

How laser hair removal works

As you probably expect, laser hair removal works by targeting your hair follicles. Specifically, we use the laser to direct energy into the follicle. Here at LH Spa & Rejuvenation, we use the CynoSure® Elite+™ laser.

As the follicle absorbs the Elite+ laser energy, it heats to the point that it’s permanently damaged and can’t grow new hair. The trick, though, comes from the laser’s ability to pick out the hair follicle from your surrounding skin. This gets easier when there’s a lot of contrast. In other words, you get the best results from laser hair removal when your skin looks as light as possible. This way, the laser can target the dark hair follicle more easily.

That’s why we often recommend starting laser hair removal in the winter. When the days grow cold and short, you spend less time outside. As a result, your skin should be its lightest. 

Other tips for getting the most out of your appointments

Avoiding sun exposure in the weeks leading up to your laser hair removal appointments helps the laser work its best. That’s not the only step you can take to improve your results, though. We also recommend:

We also give you post-care recommendations to follow right after your appointment. That includes — you guessed it — keeping the area out of the sun. Doing so helps to prevent light or dark spots from forming. We recommend keeping the area sun-protected for at least a month. Fortunately, doing that gets much easier during the winter.

Ultimately, starting laser hair removal right now gives you an excellent way to get the results you want with less effort on your end. To learn more or to schedule your consultation, call LH Spa & Rejuvenation at either of our offices in Livingston or Madison, New Jersey.

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