HydraFacial Q & A

How can a HydraFacial help me?

A HydraFacial incorporates several of the benefits of traditional spa skin care services, including extractions, exfoliation, and hydration, all with a single, highly advanced tool. A HydraFacial is beneficial for:

  • Improving circulation
  • Removing toxins
  • Promoting healing
  • Decreasing sinus pain
  • Clearing out your pores
  • Minimizing lines and wrinkles

Your HydraFacial is entirely personalized and tailored to your specific concerns and skin care needs.

What happens during a HydraFacial?

Your HydraFacial at LH Spa & Rejuvenation should be a relaxing, rejuvenating experience, almost like a facial massage. During your session, your practitioner uses the revolutionary HydraFacial tool to send rapid pulses of skin solutions directly onto your skin.

The first solutions in your HydraFacial treatment are designed to cleanse your skin and peel away the damaged outer layer, leaving only fresh, glowing skin behind. Next, your practitioner adds solutions that help extract debris and impurities from your pores, while hydrating and quenching your skin.

The final step is all about saturating your skin with antioxidants and peptides to help your skin glow and be protected from the elements. You can also have additional solutions added to your HydraFacial treatment that can help stimulate collagen production, treat acne, or further resolve lackluster skin. In most cases, the entire HydraFacial takes just about 30 minutes.

How often do I need a HydraFacial?

Though the final step of the HydraFacial at LH Spa & Rejuvenation involves applying solutions to protect your skin, the benefits of the HydraFacial gradually start to fade — especially if you’re frequently exposed to the sun or pollution. The team at LH Spa & Rejuvenation often recommend scheduling HydraFacial treatments monthly.

If you have chronic issues, such as severe acne breakouts, you may benefit from HydraFacial sessions more frequently, like twice a month. The better you are about incorporating regular HydraFacial treatments into your skin care regimen, the better your chances of staying one step ahead of the effects of aging and dull-looking skin.

Book your HydraFacial at LH Spa & Rejuvenation today. You can either request an appointment online or call the spa directly.

* Individual results may vary.

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