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We recommend that you book your next appointment prior to leaving the boutique so we can be sure to accommodate your requests. All services require a credit card to hold the appointment. Failure to cancel within 3 hours will result in a full-service charge. If you’re late for your appointment, your service will end at its regularly scheduled time. We recommend you arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment without any eye makeup.



Gift Cards are available for purchase at the front desk or online by clicking here. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.



Monday 9:30am – 4:30pm
Tuesday – Thursday 9am – 9pm
Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 9am – 5pm
Sunday 10am – 4pm



LH Spa & Rejuvenation offers private parties for special events. Please contact us for details.



At times it is necessary to cancel or change an appointment. Please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Late arrivals may experience a shortened service. Appointments who do not provide at least 3-hour notice for a cancellation will be charged a full service. All services require a credit card to hold the appointment. Failure to cancel within 3 hours will result in a full-service charge.



Due to the intimate space, we cannot accommodate the needs of children. We are preserving the atmosphere we believe is so important to every client who enters our boutique.



For your safety, no outside visitors of any shape/size are permitted in treatment rooms (i.e., infants, pets, boy/girlfriends, etc.). If you do plan to bring a visitor with you, please make certain to have another companion to chaperone them (for children under 12) while you are in a treatment. Lash House is a cell-phone free zone, kindly take your calls outside to avoid disrupting other clients.



LH Spa & Rejuvenation does not accept gratuities on credit cards. Thank you for your understanding



No Double-Dip policy here at Lash House. We only sanitary equipment & enforce the strict NO Double-Dip policy. Which means the same spatula will NEVER be re-dipped into the vat of wax.

The nauseating truth is that double dipping is a common practice in wax application, this method uses the same spatula for the entire treatment, re-dipping the used applicator back into the vat of wax. This contaminated wax is then reused for treatments on other individuals, unfortunately, this technique can increase the chances of potentially harmful bacteria spreading from one client to another, which is particularly disturbing when dealing with the body’s nether region (aka bikini area)



Lash House Specialists will NOT perform bikini treatments on any menstruating client.

Generally, it is best to get a bikini treatment at least one week before or after your period. In addition to the obvious hygiene safety issue for both client & specialist, the closer you get to your actual period, the more sensitive your body becomes. So be nice to your body & avoid scheduling your appointment on those ultra-sensitive days!



LH Spa & Rejuvenation gladly accepts returns on most merchandise for store credit within 10 business days of the DELIVERY date. Without exception, we will not accept returns on products that are more than 20% consumed; studies have shown that allergic reactions usually occur while using the first 5% of the product. Please return the item immediately upon deciding that you do not want the product. We regret that we do not refund original shipping costs with the return. At LH Spa & Rejuvenation, we give store credit for your returns, no money back. 

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