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Eyelash Extensions are a beauty breakthrough that provides you with longer, thicker, luscious looking lashes. They are synthetic strands of eyelashes that are applied one by one directly to your natural eyelash. Each lash is thicker at the base and taper at the tip, designed to look like a natural lash. Extensions are available in many different sizes, curls and thicknesses. There are 250 styles to choose from to provide a custom look.

We provide artists at every level to best suit the needs of our clients. All artist are certified and trained, artists at a higher level have advanced training and have established a high client demand.

Volume Lash Extension: The most versatile lashes yet, these ultra fine lashes are designed to be applied in multiple and can take your look to the next level. Our skilled artist can make voluminous fans of lashes in groups of three or more depending on your desired outcome. This revolutionary customizable technique is suitable for every lash type and can add fullness and flufiness that may not be atainable from classic styles alone.

Full Set of Volume Lash Extensions $400

45 Minute Volume Touch Up $95

60 Minute Volume Touch Up $120

75 Minute Touch Up $145



Classic Full Set $250+

45 Minute Touch Up $75

60 Minute Touch Up $100

75 Minute Touch Up $125


*Prices are based on the number of lashes and desired look. For proper maintenance, eyelash extension touch ups are suggested every 2 – 3 weeks.

This procedure is painless and relaxing. You lie down on a Tempurpedic bed, surrounded by soothing scents and covered with a soft blanket. You close your eyes and relax while our skillful, Xtreme Lash Certified lash professional goes to work defining your lashes one-by-one.

Please arrive with a clean face, free of any makeup. If you wear contacts, it is best to either wear your glasses to the appointment or bring them with you as you will have to remove the contacts before we start extending. Lash Extensions typically last from 6-8 weeks depending on your commitment to good home care and the growth cycle of your natural lashes. The growth cycle consists of 3 stages, the growing, resting and shedding stages. Touch-ups are required because as your natural lashes shed, you’ll want new extensions on the replacement lashes that grow in. The lifespan of an eyelash varies anywhere from 2 to 9 weeks. With a good maintenance program, you can keep your lashes year round.

Please remember that you cannot get the eyelash extensions wet for 48 hours. You should shower before your appointment; this is crucial! Do not curl your lashes on the day of your appointment. Also if you wear contacts please bring a case to store them. Lastly, please wait the complete 48 hours before swimming, or sauna and spa treatments.

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Lash Lift and Tint is also available

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