Tight & Bright Facial Treatment

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What is Tight & Bright? 

TIGHT & BRIGHT Facial Treatment is a superficial microneedling procedure at LH Spa that deposits Hyaluronic Acid, radiant Vitamin C and small amounts of Neurotoxin into the top layers of the skin, to create a smooth texture with reduced pore size. This technique produces a natural appearing outcome, without any of the tell-tale signs of traditional neuro-modulator injections.

How much does a Tight & Bright facial treatment facial cost?

Tight & Bright Facial treatment is $350 for each treatment (Face).

How does it compare to other types of Microneedling?

TIGHT & BRIGHT FACIAL TREATMENT is different from traditional microneedling in that:
It not only improves the texture of the skin through the direct effect on the tiny needle punctures, but it also delivers specialized products through channels the microneedles. This cocktail is placed directly into the more superficial layer of skin that Skinpen/ PRP do not.This allows the products to be placed within the precise layers of the skin, where pores, sweat glands and skin integrity are, for precise treatment of these concerns.

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