I'm Embarrassed About My Thinning Hair

I'm Embarrassed About My Thinning Hair

As medical researchers learn more about our bodies, they unlock new treatments. In fact, some of the most exciting options come from resources our bodies naturally create.

Take platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as an example. This treatment uses platelets, a component naturally occurring in your blood, to stimulate cell regeneration where you need it. Medical experts use PRP for everything from osteoarthritis to injury healing. But its uses don’t stop there.

Here at LH Spa & Rejuvenation in Livingston and Madison, New Jersey, Robert M. Olson, MD, and our team offer PRP hair restoration. Is it right for you? Let’s find out. 

Your platelets and your hair

Hair loss is common. Did you know you can lose 100 hairs a day and never even know it? The problem comes when your body doesn’t have the ability to replace those hairs. If your capacity to grow new, healthy hair decreases — or if you start growing thinner shafts of hair — your normal day-to-day hair loss starts to show. 

Fortunately, you can turn to your body’s natural healing ability to help reverse this trend. How? With PRP. 

PRP harnesses platelets, one of your body’s key healing tools. Whenever you get a wound or scrape, your body directs platelets to the area. They help your blood clot while also delivering growth factors. Your body uses those growth factors to stimulate and support healing at the injury site.

Unfortunately, your body isn’t registering your thinning hair as an injury. But Dr. Olson can collect PRP from a very small sample of your blood and then inject it into your hair follicles. That way, your scalp gets resources it can use to grow new, healthy, thick hair. 

What to expect with PRP hair restoration

If you’re embarrassed about thinning hair, don’t wait to talk to Dr. Olson. He can help you determine if you’re a candidate for PRP hair restoration.

If you are, we set up a treatment schedule of three sessions, each spaced a month apart. This allows time for your body to use the PRP from your last session, continually building upon your results. To further bolster your results, Dr. Olson also incorporates Nutrafol vitamins and topical minoxidil into your treatment plan. 

You might experience some soreness on your scalp after each treatment, but downtime is minimal. Just avoid putting anything on your head (hair products or hats) and exercise for the rest of the day. If you are sore, over-the-counter pain relievers should be enough to keep you comfortable. 

Most people see results — natural, healthy hair regrowth — within 3-6 months. 

If you’re bothered by thinning hair, don’t hesitate to call the LH Spa & Rejuvenation office nearest you.

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